"The Monuments Guys" Displaies For Barack Obama In The White Home's Family Theater

19/02/2014 14:00

The Monuments Guies - the Matt Damon and George Clooney-starring movie of a Second World War platoon charged with shielding significant works of artwork - was screened in a personal White Home event on Tuesday evening. The film follows the group of troopers, as they're ordered by president Roosevelt to get into Germany to save masterpieces stolen by Nazis.
The Monuments Guies Still
While Clooney is a long-time assistant of Obama and hosted a fund-raiser because of his re election at his Studio Town house in Might 2012. Before Damon on the flip side, has expressed his disillusionment with all the president and his procedures. To that legitimate criticism, Obama replied with a number of his own: "Matt Damon mentioned he was dissatisfied within my performance. Well, Matt, I just viewed The Adjustment Bureau, therefore right straight back atcha, pal!"